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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 8)


As the girl turns around
Mr.Chocolate face suddenly changed
he startled that the girl was his ex-girlfriend, Ms.Butter Scotch and not Ms.Vanilla Cream
Mr.Chocolate turns and try to leave
then suddenly Ms.Butter pulling his hand and resist him from leaving her
"Wait Chocolate..." says Ms.Butter
"Have you forgotten me?"

Mr.Chocolate face looks like he's really mad with her
he was so mad with her because they had a rough past time together where Mr.Chocolate doesn't want to remember it anymore because he has Ms.Vanilla now

" What do you want?"

Mr.Chocolate don't even want to look to her face, he seems so mad at her

"I just cam to visit you...can i?"
"You should't be here"
"Why? i am just visiting..." Ms.Butter did't finish her words yet and Mr.Chocolate already yell at her;
"STOP IT! you should't be here,,,please leave"
Mr.Chocolate ask Ms.Butter to leave the place because he really hates her so much because she betrayed him before this
Ms.Butter leaves the field without any words just few tears drops from her eyes.
Mr.Chocolate tries to calm himself
he looked at Ms.Vanilla's photo that he kept all along in his uniform's pocket
because...only that photo could make him smile

What actually happen between Ms.Butter and Ms.Chocolate??