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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 7)


time pass by
days by days
times keeps going on
it's almost 4month Mr.Chocolate never contact Ms.Vanilla
because he already gone for his mandatory services
Mr.Chocolate and Ms.Vanilla will lost contact for 2 years
because Mr.Chocolate being busy with his mandatory service at Forean Fudge
and he being abandon to have any contacts with outsider
they relief that they could talk with each other through a phone call last 4month ago

Ms.Vanilla was missing Mr.Chocolate so much
same goes with Mr.Chocolate
he will always bring Ms.Vanilla's photo wherever he goes
will their love 'feelings' last till Mr.Chocolate finish his mandatory service for 2 years??
can they??

sometime Ms.Vanilla smile all by herself remembering everything about Mr.Chocolate
and she missed him everyday
she puts his pictures on her notebook desktop
sending wish on Mr.Chocolate Fwitter
wherever she goes...she will keep remember about Mr.Chocolate
and at the same time
Mr.Chocolate also have same situation like Ms.Vanilla had

One day...suddenly the Chief Commander calls Mr.Chocolate to come to the field
Mr.Chocolate just go to the middle of the field
just as the way the commander ask him to
he saw a girl standing there
Mr.Chocolate wonder who she is??
is she Ms.Vanilla??
Mr.Chocolate hearts thumps and he really hope its Ms.Vanilla
because he miss her so much
Mr.Chocolate became anxious
is it Ms.Vanilla??
Ms.Vanilla came to Forean Fudge???
is she??

+To Be Continue...+