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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 3)


This is the day that Mr.Chocolate and Ms.Vanilla have waited for a long time
has comes,,,
Ms.Vanilla patiently at the arrival gates at the airport
she waits for Mr.Chocolate to get off from his flight from Forea Fudge
she felt so nervous until she can't sit still
sometimes she's stand and sit back
then an announcement cames out

ding ding ding~~~
'Attention,,,flight from Forea Fudge has land and the passengers will be heading to gate B,,,thank you'

oh my,,,
Ms.Vanilla hearts beat 5 times faster than before
she don't know what she needs to say
what she needs to do once she's met Mr.Chocolate for the first time

Mr.Chocolate wears blue shirts, black jeans, he has a baby face look, taller than Ms.Vanilla
Ms.Vanilla did't realize that Mr.Chocolate was only at her back
slowly Mr.Chocolate greet her from her back
Ms.Vanilla shock
then she slowly turns back
and it is Mr.Chocolate
how can he recognize her so quickly,,,

Mr.Vanilla and Mr.Chocolate kinda shy
and don't know what to say because it is the first time they met
they went to the Marshmallow Cafe that is located 100meters from the airport
the atmosphere kinda awkward at first
Ms.Vanilla & Mr.Chocolate only quite and seems like both lips already being locked
Mr.Chocolate purposely start the conversation
he take out a medium size pink gummy bear from his back pack and give it to Ms.Vanilla
'This Bear is for you, a small gift from me'

Ms.Vanilla stunt..
and thanks to Mr.Chocolate for his wonderful gift
Ms.Vanilla hearts beats more faster than before
she don't know what to say to Mr.Chocolate
her face looks pale

'Are u okay?'
Mr.Chocolate holds her hand and look at her eyes asking whether she's okay or not
Ms.Vanilla was speechless with Mr.Chocolates caring attitude
is this what its called,,,,love??
hurmmmm...they just have known from the social networks
or maybe Ms.Vanilla only falling to Mr.Chocolate's cute looks???

+To Be Continue,,,+