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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 4)


Ms.Vanilla needs to accompany Mr.Chocolate and expose him a bit about her town
they went to Whippy Tower
the most popular tower in Ms.Vanilla's country
the tower always be the main tourist attention
then Ms.Vanilla brought Mr.Chocolate to Whip Fountain, Whippy Cream wonderland
they have so much fun spending time together
sometimes when Mr.Chocolate holds her hand and put his hand around Ms.Vanilla shoulder
her hearts we're pounding and speechless
Mr.Chocolate smiles really locked her mouth to say anything
and sometimes,,,she felt nervous while Mr.Chocolate keeps looking her face
they stop at Choco Bridge at Whip park to take a fresh air and stop for a while after long walks

While Ms.Vanilla busy feeding the fish cake that swimming under the bridge with biscuit
she notice that Mr.Chocolate keep starring her
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ms.Vanilla asking him, her face already red
"Nothing...i like ur smile" Mr.Chocolate poking her cheek
oh my,,,her heart beats faster than before when Mr.Chocolate pokes her cheek
Ms.Vanilla tries to avoid her face from Mr.Chocolate
she smiles and continue throwing the tiny pieces of the biscuits to feeds the fish cakes
at the same time
Mr.Chocolate keep taking her pictures while she's busy feeding the fish
then Mr.Chocolate holds her shoulder and slowly moved her body facing him
but Ms.Vanilla just bow her face down
then Mr.Chocolate slowly put his hand to her chin and lift her face to look at him
Ms.Vanilla just stunt with what Mr.Chocolate was doing
it's like a romantic scene in television drama
Mr.Chocolate face slowly closing her face trying to kiss her lips
Ms.Vanilla was speechless
then she slowly push Mr.Chocolate and avoid his kiss
"This is not my culture...i'm sorry" Ms.Vanilla felt guilty and she just bow her head down avoids any eye contact with Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate feel guilty to what his already done
"I'm the one that needs to say sorry...i..i..i just falling to you first time i know u and..."

is it true??
Ms.Vanilla froze and shock with what he already says
Ms.Vanilla looked at Mr.Chocolate and she wants Mr.Chocolate to continue his words
Mr.Chocolate holds her shoulder and looked at her eyes
"And i know that u r the one for me. i know, we're only know each other via social network. But once u post something or online, i will felt so stupid if i did't say anything to you, and i really want to know you because u look so beautiful in my eyes although just from your profile picture."
Ms.Vanilla became speechless
is it Mr.Chocolate really mean it???
he worked hard so he could came to her country
he takes a high risk just to meet with Ms.Vanilla
is it true???
Ms.Vanilla tries to evaluate his honesty
she don't want to be hurt by a guy anymore
moreover...Mr.Chocolate is a foreigner
he might have many tricks on her

+To Be Continue...+