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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Mr.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 6)


Ms.Vanilla seems very quiet
she extremely changed after Mr.Chocolate already go back to his country
her personality has changed
not as happy, loud and hyper like before
she like to be alone
sitting alone at her room
her parents we're quite suspicious and anxious about her
they also worried about Ms.Vanilla health
sometimes she will skips her lunch,breakfast and dinner

Ms.Vanilla can't stop thinking about Mr.Chocolate
sometime she regrets she reject him at the first place
at the meantime...
Mr.Chocolate did't stop calling and texting her for almost 3days
but she did't even answer one of his calls and texts
sometime Mr.Chocolate leave her a voicemail

'Please pick up the phone,,,i really want to talk to you. i won't be able to contact you if i'm in the mandatory service camp. i'm sorry if i do something wrong to you...i'm sorry,,,please pick up the phone.'

tears falling on Ms.Vanilla's cheeks after listening to the voice mail that Mr.Chocolate have left for him
should this friendship just end like this?
should it be like this?

Ms.Vanilla sigh
then her phone ring's
its a call from Mr.Chocolate again
she slowly pick up the phone without saying any words

"Hello..Vanilla i know...i know you are mad at me. But let me hear your voice just for the last time cuz i have to go tomorrow. just speak at least one word for me..."

Ms.Vanilla still quite and she could't say anything unless just let her tears falling
in her heart...she don't want to let Mr.Chocolate go and also their friendship
this is not the right way to start or end it this way
Mr.Chocolate almost turn off his phone because Ms.Vanilla don't want to say anything

Mr.Chocolate quickly put his phone on his ear, he relief that he could hear Ms.Vanilla's voice

"Please comeback soon...and don't forget me..."
Mr.Chocolate was so happy
they still could save their friendship

"It's too soon for us to be in a relationship and...i guess, it's better if we were just a friend as a good start. Ok?"

Although Ms.Vanilla's words a bit hurt for Mr.Chocolate
but he take it as positive
he smile and agree with Ms.Vanilla

"Take a good care of ur self ok? my pray,kiss and hugs will always be with u...hehehehehe"

Mr.Chocolate smile with tears
he happy that Ms.Vanilla still wanna be his friend
and give him another chance

+To Be Continue....+