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Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie and Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 5)


yesterday incident keeps playing on Ms.Vanilla's mind
she keeps reminds the way Mr.Chocolate we're tries to kiss her
she also thinking...
is it true?
is it Mr.Chocolate really mean it on what he have said???
Ms.Vanilla not sure about it
because they just known from the social network
how can Mr.Chocolate falls in love with her so easily
she looked to the sky
keep thinking and remembering about Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate will abroad soon
he will go back to his country tomorrow
she don't know whether she should see him or not

*Ring Ring Ring
her phone rings
an unknown numbers appears on her phone screen
she pick up the phone

"Hello, may i speak with Ms.Vanilla Cream"
"Yes, Ms.Vanilla speaking"
"Ms.Vanilla, this is a call from Chippy Hospital. Is it Mr.Chocolate your friend?"

Ms.Vanilla stunt, she shock and speechless for a while and her eyes became big when heard Mr.Chocolate's names

"Hello...Ms.Vanilla? Are you still there?"
"Yes..Yes..what happen to him?"
"He wants you to come here and..."
the nurse still not finish her words and she already hung up her phone and drive quickly to the hospital

Mr.Chocolate sleeps on his bed
he looked so weak
Ms.Vanilla just sitting beside him
and hope Mr.Chocolate will wake up soon
then, slowly Mr.Chocolate opens his eyes
and he smile happy seeing Ms.Vanilla was beside him
but Ms.Vanilla looks so worried about him
and she even did't reply back his smile

"What happen to you?"
"Nothing. I just forgot my breakfast." Mr.Chocolate slowly tries to wake up and leans back on his bed, at the same time Ms.Vanilla helps him out.
Mr.Chocolate suddenly holds her hand and whisper to her ear
"I won't leave you"
Ms.Vanilla looks at Mr.Chocolates eyes
"What do you mean?"
"I mean it...I'll be back to my country tomorrow right? At the same time, i've been enlist for 2 years mandatory service but at the same time. I don't want to leave you"
"But you have to,,,"
Mr.Chocolate puts his hand on Ms.Vanilla cheeks
"Yes...i have and that's why i want to tell you that..."
Mr.Chocolate whisper to her ear again

"I love you"
Ms.Vanilla become speechless
"Will you still love me while you are in mandatory services for 2 years? Because, even a marriage couple that far apart for a month could't last long. Can you?"
Mr.Chocolate lost his words after listen to what Ms.Vanilla have said
"I'll give you my answer after you get back from mandatory service."

Ms.Vanilla leaves from the hospital
leaving Mr.Chocolate alone
What Ms.Vanilla says was right

Ms.Vanilla sit on her car.
she keeps wonders to what Mr.Chocolate have said
she got a text message
and it's from Mr.Chocolate

'I promise you, i will always love you. I will get on my flight today. It's being a pleasure being with you along these days. Thank you for accompany me for almost a week here.Take a good care of yourself and promise me i will get your answer after i finish my mandatory service. The pictures of your smile will always be with me. If you don't forget me, i will not forget you too. I will not say goodbye, because i want to see you soon in my arms.'

His words seems so sincere
and he already prove it along these days
is he really saying the truth?

+To Be Continue...+