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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie and Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 1)


Ms.Vanilla Cream,,,
short tiny little girl, with long big wavy creamy fluffy white curly hair, her lips red as a cherry and has shiny brown eyes
spending her free time just only replying chats and comments at Food-book
sometimes she's feeling bored
cuz that is the first thing she's done after got back from college
she's sigh,
sitting alone with her chin on her arm sitting in front of her laptop
she's scrolling her friend list at her Food-book
after that
she clicks on her Fwitter scrolling her timeline and any fwits that mentions her name
suddenly theres a fwit that she did't reply says;

" 여보세요  @VanillaCream, 당신과 친구가 될 수 있습니까?" (Hello @VanillaCream, can i be friend with you?)

it's from a Korean guy,,,
she don't know who he is,,,
she did't reply because it was written in Forean (Korean)
she have to translate it in Foggle to know what does he says

the guy seems really want to know her,,,
he have Fwit so many Fwit to her,,,just Ms. Vanilla did't realize it and did't reply it cuz it was written in Forean
after a few minutes,,,
Ms.Vanilla follow that guy, Mr.Chocolate Cookie's Fwitter
she reply his fwit back after translating what he was written and she also fwit that guy in Korean language too...
just in case that guy could't understand what's she's fwitting
surprisingly Mr.Chocolate Fwit back her to her...

Ms.Vanilla smiles and shock
she stands from her sit
they keep replying fwit and get to know each other
seems like Ms. Vanilla already interested to Mr.Chocolate,,,^.^
they keep fwitting till the next day,,,and the next day,,,

+To be Continue...+