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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Laughter of BFF ^.^

The reason my life full al laughter these days is because of these people!
my crazy Biz friends
we do alot of things together
and laugh together
and sometimes
we fight like a children
our day would't complete without=> L.A.U.G.H
wednesday is like our best day ever
we're shopping
having fun
playing around
and sometimes we're acting more like a
happy little CHILDREN'S
i never felt alone
i'm smiling and laugh all the time
because i have them in my life,,,,
we're busy together
and doing so many crazy things together
till we're being labels as HOT CHICKS like in the mean girls
but we're like in malay version of the mean girls
i'll try my best would't let them go
if i do,,,
please pull me and reminds me
who always made me laugh?
who always help me out?
who always cheer me up?
who always there when my tears are falling down?
who is there when i am lonely?
who take a good care of me?
who is there to listen to all my problems?

they came as soon as i has so many problems
i have found them
and they always draw big smile on my face
they teach me the things that i don't know
cuz before this
i'm living behind the glass jail
just seeing everything pass through
and i could't break the jail cuz i am weak and afraid
they teach me to be brave
they guide me to be strong
they push me to break the glass
and i did it,,,
thank you ^.^