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Friday, March 2, 2012

Halooo MACRH

remember this two???
the stalker!
the crazy!!
the,,,what else??
and now
they r KIDNAPPER!!!
i've been kidnap by this two yesterday,,,hahahahhahahha
u know what,,,i am totally exhausted yesterday,,,
then i got call from big bro Ijan asked me 2 come down
he was craving 2 meet me
then,,,i don't want 2 disappoints my two bro
so i just go down and met them
then they asked me to get in the car
i don't know where they we're going driving far away from my hostel
going pass the Batu caves,ampang,putra,,,well
i'm kinda tired
so i just lay down in the backseat of the car doing my things and have nothing 2 say since they just talking with each other
but the best part with them,,,
they've made me so HAPPY
it's hard 2 fine someone crazy and treats me like their own sister although
there's something happen between three of us
but as for me
what is past is past
as long as we're still friend
i am ok with that
both of them is my OPPA!!
that will always protect me
u should see how they treats me like a kid
it's ok,,,
cuz i like being a little doenseng (sister)
thank you
thank you
thank you for making my 1st March so wonderful!
thank you for driving and makes me laugh yesterday and take a good care of me!
thank you,,,^.^