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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear morning sunshine

good morning peeps
i'm kinda lazy updating my bloggies isn't??
i'm busy dear,,,
busy with my class activity an so on
plenty things needs to be done
i even have
a lot..and a lot,,,and a lot assignments,,,
and i'm tired,,,
so,,,topic of the day
u know that i've fallin to someone right??
i'm not gonna story about him
cuz people won't believe me about him
i'm not gonna 100% hoping that he will be with me
he lives 1000000miles away from my country
and he even not a muslim
how can i meet him??
now he is busy with his military service
i'll wait till his out from military
then come to his country
and meet him
i need to put my ambitious dream in a high level right??
same goes with all of u...

i have another things to tell ya'
i went to Citrus Hotel
just the way my friends told me
there some,,,works interview
i don't know about what type of work or anything
cuz,,,i'm putting on 10% believes on what they have said
cuz network business could have a lot of fraud and tricks
well,,,i don't want to dissapoint my best friend
i just pretends i'm interested and hear what they have to said
then...i just left and went to class
my friend really want me to join the business
just like her
but,,,what can i do??
i'm not totally in to it
well,,,it's kinda big risk and have many tricks
is not that i'm not believing sara
its just that
network business has a lot of tricks going on,,,,=/