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Saturday, March 31, 2012

LOve is All I Know...^.^

Daddy, Im really sorry
Im going to visit the beach with all my friends
Im going to borrow your car, just this once
Mom, Im really sorry
Ill use your credit card just for today
Please dont worry about me. See you tommorow~

Love is all I know, if it breaks, Id still be clueless
Tonight Im hiyayaya~
Like the grains of sand on a beach,
my love for you is beyond measurement
Tonight is oolala Just us two oolala
When we see the stars hiyayaya~

Stars, when we have our first kiss, please shut your eyes tight

Daddy Im sorry (The truth is, Im not going to the MT)
Mom, Im sorry (Im only going with that girl)
Nothings going to happen, Ill see you tomorrow

Love is all I know, if it breaks, Id still be clueless

Love is all I know, if it breaks, Id still be clueless
Tonight Im hiyayaya~
Like the grains of sand on a beach,
my love for you is beyond measurement
Tonight is oolala Just us two oolala
When we see the stars hiyayaya~

Lets go to the beach, Lets leave together like this~

I want you I need you I love you
Tonight, you and I are going to love each other
After the sun has gone to sleep

You and I alone, Tonight just us two
When we see the stars hiyayaya~
I want to fall into your eyes with a splash~ I love you
Tonight oolala Just us two oolala
When we see the stars hiyayaya~
Stars, when we have our first kiss, please shut your eyes tight

Love is all I know, love is all I know
Just love, its really hiyayaya~
Like the grains of sand on a beach,
my love for you is beyond measurement
Tonight is oolala Just us two oolala
When we see the stars hiyayaya~
Lets go to the beach, Lets go alone like this

Forgetting all else, lets leave together this way, forever~

You Don't Know

This feeling is the first time so you don’t know
You don’t know how dangerous love is
This isn’t it….it isn’t it…this is really not love

You don’t know that my memory is painted by tears
You don’t know that I hate to think of that hateful memory
This isn’t it….it isn’t it…this is not love
Soon you’ll find out that it’s painful

Don’t give me names by calling me coward
You don’t know what kind of person I am
Although you come closer…I have no confidence at all

I love you…don’t say it easily
If you leave me, I don’t know whether I’m going to search for you
You don’t know that love like ours
The more we do it the scarier it gets

You don’t know that love is scary
Only you don’t know that it’s a cruel lie
This isn’t it….it isn’t love
Don’t make me have a pie in the’s not love

I guess it’s hard to believe in someone again
That kind of feeling and pain…you don’t know
You want me to go through that again
To get tricked by you again

I love you…don’t say it easily
If you leave me, I don’t know whether I’m going to search for you
You don’t know that love like ours
The more we do it the scarier it gets

I’m sorry..I know your heart
But I don’t want to regret after turning back
I’m afraid that my heart will show
So I hurry turn my back on you
Though the whole world knows it, wish you didn’t
Only one in this world…I wish for you to not know

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 8)


As the girl turns around
Mr.Chocolate face suddenly changed
he startled that the girl was his ex-girlfriend, Ms.Butter Scotch and not Ms.Vanilla Cream
Mr.Chocolate turns and try to leave
then suddenly Ms.Butter pulling his hand and resist him from leaving her
"Wait Chocolate..." says Ms.Butter
"Have you forgotten me?"

Mr.Chocolate face looks like he's really mad with her
he was so mad with her because they had a rough past time together where Mr.Chocolate doesn't want to remember it anymore because he has Ms.Vanilla now

" What do you want?"

Mr.Chocolate don't even want to look to her face, he seems so mad at her

"I just cam to visit you...can i?"
"You should't be here"
"Why? i am just visiting..." Ms.Butter did't finish her words yet and Mr.Chocolate already yell at her;
"STOP IT! you should't be here,,,please leave"
Mr.Chocolate ask Ms.Butter to leave the place because he really hates her so much because she betrayed him before this
Ms.Butter leaves the field without any words just few tears drops from her eyes.
Mr.Chocolate tries to calm himself
he looked at Ms.Vanilla's photo that he kept all along in his uniform's pocket
because...only that photo could make him smile

What actually happen between Ms.Butter and Ms.Chocolate??

Friday, March 30, 2012

Super duper tired~~~~

today is the most tired day of my life~~~~
well...plenty things happens today
i have to went through it together with my room mates
what happen to us???
and what???
u'll know it later...
i'm not in da mood right now to tell ya'
cuz my heart was in total =>DAMAGED+CRUSH+HURTS
he totally hurting my heart 
i've tweet many wish and greet to him
but he did't even reply one of my tweet
isn't it irritating and hurting???
ok2 fine
u only realize ur friends tweets
but not me
at least u favorite my tweet
it's already makes me smile realize ur absence
what did i got??
ok fine!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trouble maker...

what trouble maker???
i am!!!
i'm in a big trouble dude
jap...nk g kemas uma,,

he loves paroro~~~^.^

he loves peroro so much....
looks how cute he is
holding his peroro lamp while busy working out with new songs
charismatic guy and like to nagging at the same time...=.='
he needs to change that,,,stop nagging all the time
i like when he does his robotic dance
he said he will do it when he was alone
but i already saw it~~~~
i saw~~~
kyeopta oppa~~~
hope u will do well,,,in good health,,,eat enough food
Ooppss... if u comeback from military
i want to hear ur voice again...
please sing 'My Girl' song for me again because i really miss ur voice janghyeon-oppa...Ooppss
take care,,,
i'll try my best to meet u after i finish my  studies
as for u...your mandatory service will end on 31th Jan 2014 right??
its weird that u still can tweets while u we're still at military
u did't reply my tweet last week
and yesterday,,,u we're twitting while i'm off9
so sad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
it's ok
hope can see u soon oppa ^.^
or maybe the best way is,,,u need to come here
anyong~~~tto bwa wo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 7)


time pass by
days by days
times keeps going on
it's almost 4month Mr.Chocolate never contact Ms.Vanilla
because he already gone for his mandatory services
Mr.Chocolate and Ms.Vanilla will lost contact for 2 years
because Mr.Chocolate being busy with his mandatory service at Forean Fudge
and he being abandon to have any contacts with outsider
they relief that they could talk with each other through a phone call last 4month ago

Ms.Vanilla was missing Mr.Chocolate so much
same goes with Mr.Chocolate
he will always bring Ms.Vanilla's photo wherever he goes
will their love 'feelings' last till Mr.Chocolate finish his mandatory service for 2 years??
can they??

sometime Ms.Vanilla smile all by herself remembering everything about Mr.Chocolate
and she missed him everyday
she puts his pictures on her notebook desktop
sending wish on Mr.Chocolate Fwitter
wherever she goes...she will keep remember about Mr.Chocolate
and at the same time
Mr.Chocolate also have same situation like Ms.Vanilla had

One day...suddenly the Chief Commander calls Mr.Chocolate to come to the field
Mr.Chocolate just go to the middle of the field
just as the way the commander ask him to
he saw a girl standing there
Mr.Chocolate wonder who she is??
is she Ms.Vanilla??
Mr.Chocolate hearts thumps and he really hope its Ms.Vanilla
because he miss her so much
Mr.Chocolate became anxious
is it Ms.Vanilla??
Ms.Vanilla came to Forean Fudge???
is she??

+To Be Continue...+

step after graduates...???

do you wonder what u wanna do after graduates from college?
what ur aim?
what ur ambition?
what ur target?
and what u wanna do???
but at the mean time....
think what would happen next???
it's kinda sad actually
cuz...we're gonna separate from our friends
don't know when we're gonna meet again...
when we're gonna hang out together again..
its kinda sad
but at the same time
everywantr wants to graduates as soon as possible
but at the same time
we're gonna leave our friends behind
left so many memorable moments
we're miss them
hard to see them again.....
my room mates Que Masturah keeps wondering about this yesterday
and it's sad....

i'll try my best not to forget and leave my friends behind
i'll try...
what do you aim after ur graduates?????
think about it....
as for me...i want to go travel

Today was AWESOME~~~~~^.^

Today was the best day ever...hangin out with my friends
who else if its not Ain, Sha2, MImi...and not forget JOSAR~~~~
i like teasing him
poor guy
being bullied by me all day long
sorry josar~~~~
we treats u like dummy
not dummy
his gonna be mad if he saw my post
what we're being doing for today??
as u know
the deadline for our 'product' assignment were just around the corner so we have to finish it
and what kind of product we have made??
secreto de'amor~~~~
we have to plan dance steps for our performance night for 'Night at The Museum'
plenty things needs to be done dude
and i'm freakin tired~~~
at the same time
they we're fine...they are not as busy as me
cuz i'll be busy organizing events for my college English club
i need a break
i've been neglecting my big bro's lately...
i'm sure they r so mad at me
i never contact them at all....sorry
i've been so busy lately~~~~
they promised want to meet me on May
i don't know...
cuz my family we're planning to go on trip to Indonesia
well... its my hometown
thats all i can say... see ya laterr

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Me and Me, be Me myself and i

anyong hashumika~~~~bloggers readers stalkers and................

why i upload that pics???
wrong one...
i have no pics to upload
just a beautiful moment to share witcha'
i went out with my roommates=> Que Masturah
we went to KL Central
then to masjid jamek
then to taman melawati
just hangin around and SHOPPING
at the same time
i can release my frustration peeps
huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ='((
something extremely not my luck for today that really have been crush punch my heart
today's casting cancel....
it's ok
it's ok
maybe...some other time
it just not my luck
maybe i'm not destine to be a star
just a moon that sit beside the star
just joking
it's ok
forget to tell ya'
at the same time
i also went to AirAsia office at KL Central just to 'book' tickets to Bandung,Indonesia
the tickets cost almost 400++ per person
not includes tax and etc...
how crush to heard that...
if flight to indonesia already cost almost 400++
what if i want to go to South Korea???
it gonna cost more than that
as a conclusion...
i need to save & collect more money and work hard!
i want to make my dreams come true....
i want to go travel....Indonesia gonna be my first spot
cuz its cheap
u can do it anne!!!
i'm on my way to buy new ***** and ****
sorry for those that gonna lost contact with me
cuz i need space to build ma' new life
see ya' laters
don't ask me where i'm gone...laterrrrrrrrrrrrrr dude

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Mr.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 6)


Ms.Vanilla seems very quiet
she extremely changed after Mr.Chocolate already go back to his country
her personality has changed
not as happy, loud and hyper like before
she like to be alone
sitting alone at her room
her parents we're quite suspicious and anxious about her
they also worried about Ms.Vanilla health
sometimes she will skips her lunch,breakfast and dinner

Ms.Vanilla can't stop thinking about Mr.Chocolate
sometime she regrets she reject him at the first place
at the meantime...
Mr.Chocolate did't stop calling and texting her for almost 3days
but she did't even answer one of his calls and texts
sometime Mr.Chocolate leave her a voicemail

'Please pick up the phone,,,i really want to talk to you. i won't be able to contact you if i'm in the mandatory service camp. i'm sorry if i do something wrong to you...i'm sorry,,,please pick up the phone.'

tears falling on Ms.Vanilla's cheeks after listening to the voice mail that Mr.Chocolate have left for him
should this friendship just end like this?
should it be like this?

Ms.Vanilla sigh
then her phone ring's
its a call from Mr.Chocolate again
she slowly pick up the phone without saying any words

"Hello..Vanilla i know...i know you are mad at me. But let me hear your voice just for the last time cuz i have to go tomorrow. just speak at least one word for me..."

Ms.Vanilla still quite and she could't say anything unless just let her tears falling
in her heart...she don't want to let Mr.Chocolate go and also their friendship
this is not the right way to start or end it this way
Mr.Chocolate almost turn off his phone because Ms.Vanilla don't want to say anything

Mr.Chocolate quickly put his phone on his ear, he relief that he could hear Ms.Vanilla's voice

"Please comeback soon...and don't forget me..."
Mr.Chocolate was so happy
they still could save their friendship

"It's too soon for us to be in a relationship and...i guess, it's better if we were just a friend as a good start. Ok?"

Although Ms.Vanilla's words a bit hurt for Mr.Chocolate
but he take it as positive
he smile and agree with Ms.Vanilla

"Take a good care of ur self ok? my pray,kiss and hugs will always be with u...hehehehehe"

Mr.Chocolate smile with tears
he happy that Ms.Vanilla still wanna be his friend
and give him another chance

+To Be Continue....+

Personality based on your blood type...^.^

Blood Type A, the dreaming romantic
Sensitive person. You’re easy to be hurt from even a small matter and you are unnecessarily sensitive. You think in your way, interpret, and misunderstand. But hiding your own thought, you look like a nice person considering others and take care of your surroundings. You like the romantic mood, forget reality, and are indulged in fantastic world. Unexpectedly, you are a stubborn perfectionist…
Blood Type B, enjoyable optimist
Optimist who enjoys life. You can even laugh facing your failure. Having a romantic tendency, you sometimes have thoughts distant from reality. But if you enjoy liberal life way too much, you might make enemies unexpectedly. You should change your easy-to-give-up personality.
You should think over whether you give up way too fast…
Blood Type O, leadership filled with confidence
You have a bright personality and lead others well. Your kind personality doesn’t let you leave people in trouble. You want to make your life dramatic, so people around you might not be so comfortable. Don’t forget there is happiness in ordinary life. You are proud of yourself and don’t like other people’s interruption. You would like to live in your own way, but over-confidence might return to you as a poison. When you fail you will feel in a slump due to your confidence. Take it easy and don’t forget even you might fail.
Blood Type AB, consistency with your patience and concentration.
With your strong patience and concentration, you can do anything. You can back up to let work go smoothly and easily when you are involved with projects with others. Being interested in politics and environment, you are full of intelligence. You make others who don’t know as much as you do look foolish and show an authoritative attitude. Don’t look down on others. Remember you should respect others’ values and the ways they live.

I hope u will propose me like this Mr.Right ^.^

Dear Mr.Right...
i wish you would be truly loving me
u will take a good care of me
it does't matter u r rich or poor
as long that u could guide me and our future children
i hope u can protect our family
i hope u won't hurt me
and will always loving me...^.^
i would be happy if i we're always beside u...^.^
i will try my best not 2 disappoint u
it doesn't matter who u r
how do u looks
and what u are...
as long as...
u have a sincere heart to love me
and at the same time
i'll only be loving u too...^.^

i want to travel...^.^

i've learn my favorite language
so far so good~~~
i've been working hard
to achieve my dream
i really wish that i could go travel and continue my studies after i graduate from college
Amin ya robbal alamin...
may Allah guide's me

shock culture??
i promise i will try my best to take a good care of my self
i really wanna go travel
South Korea....
that have been my dream to go there
hope that wish gonna come true
i wanna go travel all by my self
it's ok if i'm late marriage....
as a woman...
we're not really needs a man to fulfill our emptiness...
i'm livin happily dude
my phone still ringing& sms 24hours
not from perverts guy or any person i love
i have my friends
my works
my family
that's need me more
rather than i'm seeking for love
i just need someone 'HALAL' for me
not a temporary relationship
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD
Good Night bloggers....


Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie and Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 5)


yesterday incident keeps playing on Ms.Vanilla's mind
she keeps reminds the way Mr.Chocolate we're tries to kiss her
she also thinking...
is it true?
is it Mr.Chocolate really mean it on what he have said???
Ms.Vanilla not sure about it
because they just known from the social network
how can Mr.Chocolate falls in love with her so easily
she looked to the sky
keep thinking and remembering about Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate will abroad soon
he will go back to his country tomorrow
she don't know whether she should see him or not

*Ring Ring Ring
her phone rings
an unknown numbers appears on her phone screen
she pick up the phone

"Hello, may i speak with Ms.Vanilla Cream"
"Yes, Ms.Vanilla speaking"
"Ms.Vanilla, this is a call from Chippy Hospital. Is it Mr.Chocolate your friend?"

Ms.Vanilla stunt, she shock and speechless for a while and her eyes became big when heard Mr.Chocolate's names

"Hello...Ms.Vanilla? Are you still there?"
"Yes..Yes..what happen to him?"
"He wants you to come here and..."
the nurse still not finish her words and she already hung up her phone and drive quickly to the hospital

Mr.Chocolate sleeps on his bed
he looked so weak
Ms.Vanilla just sitting beside him
and hope Mr.Chocolate will wake up soon
then, slowly Mr.Chocolate opens his eyes
and he smile happy seeing Ms.Vanilla was beside him
but Ms.Vanilla looks so worried about him
and she even did't reply back his smile

"What happen to you?"
"Nothing. I just forgot my breakfast." Mr.Chocolate slowly tries to wake up and leans back on his bed, at the same time Ms.Vanilla helps him out.
Mr.Chocolate suddenly holds her hand and whisper to her ear
"I won't leave you"
Ms.Vanilla looks at Mr.Chocolates eyes
"What do you mean?"
"I mean it...I'll be back to my country tomorrow right? At the same time, i've been enlist for 2 years mandatory service but at the same time. I don't want to leave you"
"But you have to,,,"
Mr.Chocolate puts his hand on Ms.Vanilla cheeks
"Yes...i have and that's why i want to tell you that..."
Mr.Chocolate whisper to her ear again

"I love you"
Ms.Vanilla become speechless
"Will you still love me while you are in mandatory services for 2 years? Because, even a marriage couple that far apart for a month could't last long. Can you?"
Mr.Chocolate lost his words after listen to what Ms.Vanilla have said
"I'll give you my answer after you get back from mandatory service."

Ms.Vanilla leaves from the hospital
leaving Mr.Chocolate alone
What Ms.Vanilla says was right

Ms.Vanilla sit on her car.
she keeps wonders to what Mr.Chocolate have said
she got a text message
and it's from Mr.Chocolate

'I promise you, i will always love you. I will get on my flight today. It's being a pleasure being with you along these days. Thank you for accompany me for almost a week here.Take a good care of yourself and promise me i will get your answer after i finish my mandatory service. The pictures of your smile will always be with me. If you don't forget me, i will not forget you too. I will not say goodbye, because i want to see you soon in my arms.'

His words seems so sincere
and he already prove it along these days
is he really saying the truth?

+To Be Continue...+

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ring-A-Ring-A-Ring (Grasshopper song dance)
u know what i know and really know i want u to know that u should know i think i know and really know i want u to know...
confuse right??
what i'm trying to say and need to say that says something says something that some,,,,,,,,

just want to succed to 706post
don't be mad
don't be mad...
have u all heard a korean songs title=> The grasshopper song
the song we're sang by Sunny Hill
have u seen the MV of the song??
well...u can scroll on my playlist right at the bottom of the blogs....and play the song
the best thing is
watch the MV of the song=>

this song teach us to live our live with enjoyments don't just keep focus on works,problems,,blahh blahhh
and u can even being playful and practice with the song's dance step
i like that part so much
enjoy ur live
stop being so depressed like a maniac
heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^.^

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 4)


Ms.Vanilla needs to accompany Mr.Chocolate and expose him a bit about her town
they went to Whippy Tower
the most popular tower in Ms.Vanilla's country
the tower always be the main tourist attention
then Ms.Vanilla brought Mr.Chocolate to Whip Fountain, Whippy Cream wonderland
they have so much fun spending time together
sometimes when Mr.Chocolate holds her hand and put his hand around Ms.Vanilla shoulder
her hearts we're pounding and speechless
Mr.Chocolate smiles really locked her mouth to say anything
and sometimes,,,she felt nervous while Mr.Chocolate keeps looking her face
they stop at Choco Bridge at Whip park to take a fresh air and stop for a while after long walks

While Ms.Vanilla busy feeding the fish cake that swimming under the bridge with biscuit
she notice that Mr.Chocolate keep starring her
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ms.Vanilla asking him, her face already red
"Nothing...i like ur smile" Mr.Chocolate poking her cheek
oh my,,,her heart beats faster than before when Mr.Chocolate pokes her cheek
Ms.Vanilla tries to avoid her face from Mr.Chocolate
she smiles and continue throwing the tiny pieces of the biscuits to feeds the fish cakes
at the same time
Mr.Chocolate keep taking her pictures while she's busy feeding the fish
then Mr.Chocolate holds her shoulder and slowly moved her body facing him
but Ms.Vanilla just bow her face down
then Mr.Chocolate slowly put his hand to her chin and lift her face to look at him
Ms.Vanilla just stunt with what Mr.Chocolate was doing
it's like a romantic scene in television drama
Mr.Chocolate face slowly closing her face trying to kiss her lips
Ms.Vanilla was speechless
then she slowly push Mr.Chocolate and avoid his kiss
"This is not my culture...i'm sorry" Ms.Vanilla felt guilty and she just bow her head down avoids any eye contact with Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate feel guilty to what his already done
"I'm the one that needs to say sorry...i..i..i just falling to you first time i know u and..."

is it true??
Ms.Vanilla froze and shock with what he already says
Ms.Vanilla looked at Mr.Chocolate and she wants Mr.Chocolate to continue his words
Mr.Chocolate holds her shoulder and looked at her eyes
"And i know that u r the one for me. i know, we're only know each other via social network. But once u post something or online, i will felt so stupid if i did't say anything to you, and i really want to know you because u look so beautiful in my eyes although just from your profile picture."
Ms.Vanilla became speechless
is it Mr.Chocolate really mean it???
he worked hard so he could came to her country
he takes a high risk just to meet with Ms.Vanilla
is it true???
Ms.Vanilla tries to evaluate his honesty
she don't want to be hurt by a guy anymore
moreover...Mr.Chocolate is a foreigner
he might have many tricks on her

+To Be Continue...+

Hello sunshine ^.^

An nyeong hashumika,,,

Good Morning Bloggers~~~
how ur night yesterday night and did u sleep tite on that night did u fine in the middle of the night and u sleep well on night???
understand what do i mean???

chum chu sil kka yo??

ok stop crapping ann
and starts what u need to say have to say,,,hurmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
i am stress!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's almost april
plenty event will be held by club,class,assignment
i wanna die~~~~
just let me
let me~~~
i just check on the calender
can u imagine
i am working on Friday until Monday
then i start my classes on Tuesday until Friday
in the middle of class
i have to be responsible for my clubs event
cuz i am the VP of the  club
i have to responsible to...hurmmmmmmmmmm
it's okay
it's okay
keep me busy will makes my life more,,,filled without thinking any problemo
my problemo??
i want to leave this country AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
can't wait for that moments,,,,heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i'm waiting for my new work so i can make my passport soon
then go travel all by my self

can't wait to travel
the first place i'll be going alone...hurmmmmmmmmm

Why i want to leave???

i am working hard to achieve my dream
i want to leave
leave everything i had in here
my friends
my family
my life
and leave at somewhere some country
i want to build new life
i'm just gonna be hurts
i'll work hard
to make sure i could achieve my goal
i really wants to be far away from every each things that will only hurts me if i only stay longer at the place that full of hurts
full of my black memories
i'll take every each risk i need to take]just to make sure
my heart won't be hurt anymore
sometime i wish a car or a lorry would crash me so i would have an amnesia or just die
the longer i lived
some people will only hurts me T.T
that's why i want to leave so much
its not because for fun
my dream,,,,i want to travel alone
spending everything alone
so i could live and breath new life,,,

거짓말에 살고있는

내가 거짓말을 살고
 가짜 미소로 생활
난 더 이상 못 참겠어,,,, 떠나고 싶어 내가 가진 모두를 떠나고 싶어 그리고 새 인생을 모든 악몽의 역사를 지우 난 내 과거 역사 생계를 유지하고 싶지 않아 나는 앞을 향해 열린 길을 건너 이동할 수있을 때까지 나는 내가 겪은 않은 상처를 지울 관리

난 아무것도 강한 유지하기 이런 일이 일어나지 행동 중단됩니다 그래서 사람들이 내가 아직도 강한임을 알게 될 것이다 그리고 아무것도 기억하지 않고 내 인생을 겪었 수있는 내 과거에 아픈


I have a crazy dream, one of a kind
The night I dreamt of salvation’s light
The lightness of youth is so hot
I’m heated even hotter in it, I never fall out

Tomorrow is coming, ready or not

I’m always there, the grandson of a writer who believed in dreams
If your body is weak, just train up your stamina
I fattened up my soul with meditation
Can’t take your eyes off the back mirror while you’re running
Those false eyes as if in defense, anymore
There were times when the youth I brought on for no reason became a poison,
I’m sorry

At times, like those who come back even though it’s meaningless
Like beautiful women who walk around the empty streets

I don’t like it alone, the silent night is deep
Today, tomorrow, I run alone Shine my light, memories from when I was younger

I was like that then, sitting by the stream
I don’t know the end anyway, plead to the full moon in the sky
That day where I had nowhere to lean, I walk so I won’t regret
I don’t know the end anyway, plead to the full moon in the sky
That day where I had nowhere to lean, I walk so I won’t regret
I’ll go higher than the T-O-P

An extraordinary mudslide
Even in the middle of an endless tunnel
I’m an owl with eyes wide open asking what’s the problem
I have family and people who like me so I have it all

Often words don’t seem to work, so I keep my mouth shut
My self is a huge backpack I’m carrying
Though it’s heavy, I can’t find a solution anyway
The question of questions sometimes makes me hurt
The overshadowing of overshadowing pinches my heart
At times, like those who come back even though it’s meaningless
Like beautiful women who walk around the empty streets
I don’t like it alone, the silent night is deep

Today, tomorrow, I run alone

Shine my light, memories from when I was younger
I was like that then, sitting by the stream
Because, because of what I didn’t know the side glances, but because of me
Wander, still wandering the streets

Today and tomorrow, because of me, because, because, because
Because, because I still have time I’m just thankful,
I say what’s on my heart, all of it Because, because, because of me
I don’t like it alone, the silent night is deep
Today, tomorrow, I run alone Shine my light, memories from when I was younger
I was like that then, sitting by the stream

I don’t know the end anyway, plead to the full moon in the sky
That day where I had nowhere to lean, I walk so I won’t regret
I don’t know the end anyway, plead to the full moon in the sky
That day where I had nowhere to lean, I walk so I won’t regret