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Thursday, February 9, 2012

super duper exhausted

i am so exhausted,,,,
i have no idea,,,maybe cuz today my clz is until 9.30pm
oh my,,,,
i had a discussion session with my lecture mdm Haslina and my friend Ain
we we're planning to do some project for my faculty Business & Management
however it still in planning session
not completely confirm we're gonna do it or not
cuz of budget problems
so,,,we have 2 plan it precisely before starting the project
so what we're gonna do??
it's gonna be a secret first,,haiyaaaaaaa
i told u so that we need 2 plan it precisely and get everybody that supposed to involved need 2 involved in this project
mdm told us that
from the event
the lecture will select 16 most potential students that succeed organizing the project will get the opportunity 2 go 2 visit Denmark
i'm really excited for that
hope that i'll be one of those
Mdm already given the responsibilities 2 me and Ain 2 handle some of things for the event
kinda a bit worried
however,,,i'm just gonna do it
and take the responsibilities of it
cuz i am truly excited 2 do it
cuz plenty of people gonna get involved
and i'm waiting for it,,,huhuhuhuuhue

enough of that
other than that
i got something 2 tell ya'
it's hard for me 2 spit it out
i think i have 2 say that,,,,,

i think that is enough to express what i want 2 say
theres another
i think that is enough 2 express everything
nite2 peeps
i'm tired T.T