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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Dad my Idol,,,^.^

i just got calls from my dad this morning
cuz i forgot 2 call him along this days
cuz busy with my works and study
sorry dad
it is not bcuz i neglected u,,,
i though he gonna be mad at me cuz i'm working while i'm studying
i'm just fulfill my free times with something that could give benefit for me
i already promise him that i'll be working until the end of february,,,
he don't want me 2 be away from home and never coming home during holidays
pity 2 my lil brother that miss me so much,,,

as i promise 2 him,,,
i'll be quit my jobs
and focus 2 my studies
sorry dad,,,
it just maybe i could gain more money by not just depending on you
u have done a lot of things 2 me and my siblings
but my dad's call in the early morning already cheers me and tell me that
how much my dad's love me so much
and don't want anything happen 2 me
i've learn my lesson
i should be more focusing on my studies
cuz plenty things in the upcoming days gonna haunt me
i got plenty of responsibilities's time 2 type my resignation letter
i just started my work last week,,,however,,,
it is 'fun' 2 work there