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Friday, February 24, 2012

+Ms.Anne Quotes+

#1- The past is not a 'mistakes',,,
but it is the introduction chapter of 'learning'

My Hearts says:

"Yes, I still love him"

But My mind says:

"No, he will only be ur History and remains as a History cuz there's nothing can be changed"

#3- Phrase=>Words are more dangerous than a knife,,,

no wonder 'F' words r so dangerous,,,,=.='

#4-people keep sayin'=>

Money talks~~~
but i've smash!!tear!!stretch!!dip it in the water
it did't talks or even cry for help,,

what r u trying 2 say dude???
the fact is=> Money don't talks =.='

#5- Love can be wonderful at the starting point of the story,,,
but the ending sometimes could not be 'happily ever after'...

#6-  When u saw someone u love we're loving someone else,,,just smile
cuz Gd we're trying 2 tell u that it's not the time 4 u 2 fall in love