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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss A Food Paradise

what i've been eaten that i could't reduce my weight,,,huhuhuhue

BBQ Beef Noodles at Johnny's,,,nyum ^.^

Nasi Lemak~~~

spend more than RM10 for Indian Sweet's

mini bee cupcakes filled with chocolate paste,,,,nyummy

Indonesian tradisional food

i thought maybe consuming more veggies than the rice could help me be thin,,,hehehehe

Homemade Chicken sausage eggs rolls,,,=.='

Yong Tau Fu at Pavillion XP

wanna try some delicious pastries???u can fine it at Daily Fresh KLFC ^.^

Cute Chocolate with Mint and caramel filling~~~hehehe

Cake with full cream during my BFF b'day bash

ABC at periuk belanga restaurant,,,worth it,,,rich with chocolate taste,,,hehehhe

California Rolls~~~ it is good eaten with Wasabi,,,nyum2 my fav!