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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Medicine when u r sad,,,

can be beautiful
can be wonderful
can be meaningful,,,
love can be categorized 2 many things
many reasons
many causes
how can u describe it?
how can u declare it?
how can u pronounce it??
depend on yourself,,,
love can be...
love towards the Nature
love towards the family
love towards the Creator
love towards,,,

'A Person'

when we fall in love 2 someone,,,
how can we explain it?
how can we describe it?
and why,,,why we love him/her?

at once we admit personally 2 the person that we love
do they gonna give a 'feedback' towards our love???
afraid isn't?
it's gonna be our 'nightmare' once seeing the one that we love we're loving other person
it gonna be  a big ashamed
if once we admit 2 that person that we were in love with them

but it also hurts when
the person that we loved we're only playing with our feelings
they just seen u as their playful toys
not as their lovers

it also more hurts when,,,
u already loved them so much
then lastly they dumped u like 'garbage'

hurts isn't??

what should u do??

that is the best medicine when u r feeling hurts and death weapon 2 someone that already hurts u
smile could tell them that
u still can live happily without them
let it be a fake smile
don't let ur tears falling down
let it be the best cure
to let u move on n be happy on ur life,,,^.^