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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just So You Know,,,

Miss A Quotes 4 today:

+The day u promise that u will protects me makes me afraid of ur braveness,,,
does it means u will protect me or run first for me???

+Stop doing STUPID things to get their attention,,,
but start a SMART things to attract their heart,,,

+SACRIFICE means=> u love them so much not giving up
if it not meant for u,,,better let it go rather than u can't hold the HURT anymore

i have made up those quotes
and it has a meaning by it self
cuz i already went through some of the 'hard' path of life
and,,,its teach me to be more mature
and never be afraid to explore the hard and easy of path of life
the adventure of life will never ends till the our last breath
Alhamdullilah,,,i have went through a wonderful life
there some of painful memories
but i have manage to went through it with,,,patience
Allah will always loves patience people,,,
don't ever think ur life is sucks
cuz there some out there having a harder life from u,,,
don't ever reach a 'give up' level when u can't hold it anymore
if u have to back off
its fine
just say that u already have done a good job
don't ever said to ur self u already lose the game,,,
u already works hard on it,,,just it won't work out no matter how hard u already works on it,,,
nothing is easy in this world without an effort,,,
the more we grown up
the more we learn about life,,,
we have to be grateful for whatever we had and we have
luck,,,or no luck
goods and bads
that is
the games of life

tooddless ^.^