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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i miss that 15 precious things xoxo,,,

there's plenty of memories of me and u,,,
i have no idea if,,
and you
have forgotten me

#1: I miss the moment we share our stories
#2:I miss the moment we're having fun together
#3: I miss the moment i spend time & hang out with u,,,
#4: I miss the moment i slept on ur shoulder
#5: I miss ur voice the way u talk to me,,,
#6: I miss the day u text me
#7: I miss ur smile
#8: I miss the moments u holds my hands
#9: i miss the way u being spoily 2 me
#10: I miss the way u care about me
#11: I miss the way u holds me
#12: I miss the day u walked together with me
#13: I miss the day we laugh together
#14: I miss the way u looked at me
#15: I miss the way u showed that u love me too,,,

+unfortunately,,,there's no chance for us to be together,,,and it seems like 'you' are not belongs to me,,,unfortunately our relationship are not lasting long,,and it's hard for me to declare my love to 'you',,,and i'm too ego to admit that i love 'you',,,at a mean time,,,i really love 'you' and i miss 'you'+

=The End=

the pictures,the names of past few months,years,days in this blogs u all will discovered who is the:
#1: You
#2: You
#3: You

good luck ^.^