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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just So You Know,,,

Miss A Quotes 4 today:

+The day u promise that u will protects me makes me afraid of ur braveness,,,
does it means u will protect me or run first for me???

+Stop doing STUPID things to get their attention,,,
but start a SMART things to attract their heart,,,

+SACRIFICE means=> u love them so much not giving up
if it not meant for u,,,better let it go rather than u can't hold the HURT anymore

i have made up those quotes
and it has a meaning by it self
cuz i already went through some of the 'hard' path of life
and,,,its teach me to be more mature
and never be afraid to explore the hard and easy of path of life
the adventure of life will never ends till the our last breath
Alhamdullilah,,,i have went through a wonderful life
there some of painful memories
but i have manage to went through it with,,,patience
Allah will always loves patience people,,,
don't ever think ur life is sucks
cuz there some out there having a harder life from u,,,
don't ever reach a 'give up' level when u can't hold it anymore
if u have to back off
its fine
just say that u already have done a good job
don't ever said to ur self u already lose the game,,,
u already works hard on it,,,just it won't work out no matter how hard u already works on it,,,
nothing is easy in this world without an effort,,,
the more we grown up
the more we learn about life,,,
we have to be grateful for whatever we had and we have
luck,,,or no luck
goods and bads
that is
the games of life

tooddless ^.^

29/02/2012 (Haha Oppa)

OOOoooo....its 29th February 2012 peeps
its only once in a 4years
Happy Bday 2 those that born on this date and celebrates ur Bday just once in a 4years
Happy Bday,,,^.^

so now,,,
why did i put Ha Dong Hoon Oppa picture up there
cuz i am his biggest fan!!
i love watching him in SBS Running Man korean variety shows
he plays a good role in that shows
i want a boyfriend like him
funny, crazy,a bit clumsy,nerd, smart,cute,,,its ok if they not handsome like Haha Oppa,,,but looks cute like Haha oppa
Haha Oppa

it's gonna be wonderful if i could meet with Haha Oppa
he can sing
makes jokes,,,
i bet he also good in acting
looks how he play his role as a spy or traitors in Running Man shows
i like
i like
i like him so much,,,hehehehehhehhehe
Kim Joong Kook his Uri Hyung r more cute than him
but i only likes Haha Oppa,,,
i've been listening 2 all his songs
i am writing this it is not that i am addicted to him
i am just his fan from Malaysia,,,hope that Running Man will be conduct in Malaysia so i can meet all the Running Man Cast
Haha Oppa,,,^.^

Monday, February 27, 2012

Miss them so MUCH,,,

Today i am wearing my mum's fav blue sweater
she loved this sweater so much
she even wore it a day b4 her last breath
love this sweater so much
it will keeps reminds me that she is closer 2 me
i hope i could hug her again,,,kiss her cheeks
i will never miss a chance hugging and kiss her every time i met her in my dreams
i will never forget 2 pray for her
she is unreplaceable
i will always remember her in my heart

in the same time,,,
i will always loving my dad
cuz he is the only 'treasure' i have
i hope 1 day i can pay all the sacrifice that he has done 2 all my siblings and family,,,

Paroro~~~ madness


Haha Oppa loves paroro so much
and so do i,,,
it just for fun
its not about paroro i want 2 talk about
back ache
i am leavin my celcom no.
just for a while peeps
just trying 2 far apart from someone somewhere
i just

the day of truth,,,

can u read the above image??
try 2 zoom it if u can't
the moment of truth
u know what happen 2 me a month ago right??
few bunch of students came 2 me and suddenly scold me for no reason,,,
and now,,, they we're asking forgiveness from me,,,
ok fine
i already forgiven them
that's what human being should do
that's was relief
u guys we're suddenly attack me for no reason
of coz i have my right 2 PIST OFF WITCHA'
cuz i am also a human
and i have my own feelings
and i am hurt by every single words u all have said to me
it's over now
u already got ur lesson
(especially 4 those u JUST KNOWN 4 a few days)
*I also 'terkena' with that PONTIANAK b4
no reason 4 me 2 do anything 2 all of u
cuz i'm just waiting KARMA 2 get u back
and it's already did
thanx 2 ALLAH for showing the truth,,,

p/s: sorry for the harsh language,,,cuz i am really pist off,,,that's relief me typing those words 4 ya'

what is past is past
i don't want 2 remind that moment at level C at 3.30pm on 5th January 2012
just get rid off it
but i don't want 2 see that PONTIANAK again,,,,she just gonna made me SUPER DUPER ANNOYS 2 her
keep her asshole out from me!!
i hate her so much for betraying our past 'friendship'

i just met that man up there,,,
hey! u there,,,,what happen 2 ya' buddy???
just long time no see
missing u,,, as a friend
don't get excited with that 'miss' word
i bet someone out there we're jealous i just met with someone freak like u!?
just kidding!
nice 2 see u after long time no see 'aboh'
Ooppss...his not my 'aboh' anymore
more 2 'abg fad'!! (eyhhhh,,,,xbiasa la!!)
i'll get used 2 that later ( i guess =.=' )
sorry can't follow u up with abg Ijan 2 Terengganu
cuz i'm really in a pack schedule this year
got a lot of big upcoming event and project that's kills me 2 death!!
i'm also busy with my part time 'job'
c ya'
toddless ^.^

the afraid of me,,,,

SUPRA,,,,oh my,,,
i've been craving 2 buy this kind of shoes...
people keep sayin' that i can't wore this cuz i'm too short
i love being freaky fashion,,,,duhhhh

that is not the point of the story....
the story capcha
whatever,,,i want 2 tell ya'
i have no idea what is the matter with me
i think it is because...
the past,,,,
i am afraid of the past and my surrounding
i'm afraid i'll be blame lame
i'm starting 2 change my self 2 be someone,,,,evil
cuz i am learning from the past
but at the same time,,,
i've been doing the evil things and becoming a bad person,,,
i am lying
and lying
just 2 taking care of someone's feeling
but at the same time,,,
i am hurting someone's feeling
and i am felt guilty,,,
sorry,,,,2 those,,,hurmmmmmmmmmmmm


i know...
it's already late
i've shoud already in my bed right now
i'm already on my bed
but i'm not sleeping yet
i don't know
maybe because i already been sleeping 4 the whole day
bcuz of that i can sleep right now....
still early for me
i have something to teel ya'
come closer...
i think i want 2 dump my celcom no.
i don't want 2 used it anymore
i don't know...
that number have leavin so much things for me,,,
for someone that from K to H to F
i think...
it's better for me 2 dump off that number...
given' it 2 soemone else...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good 4 u 'TOYOL'

it deserve u right when people already knows who u r
people r keep avoiding u cuz they already know the demon behind ur mask
they have sayin' 2 me how they felt guilty towards themselves 2 what they have done
that's what we called

2 those that have known that their guity and felt sorry 2 themselves and have learn their lesson
don't worry
i forgive u
but don't believe 2 any stupid story again,,,
i am not that bad

Hope U knows...

what get in to u...
i have plenty 2 tell ya'
hope u listening 2 me
hope u knows me
hope u will hear me...
i'm just sayin' that
konda lose something right now
seeing u with the others
smiling happily,,,,
is it ur true smile???of fake??
as for me
i am drawing my fake smiles on my face
cuz i am hurt by U
we know each other r having hard time together
don't lie 2 me with ur smiles
u r hurt that's why u taking the stupid way
and i felt guilty for u for keep lying 2 u that
'I LOVE U 2'

Sshhhh,,, secret! ^.^

i want 2 say that,,,WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN 2 YA" B**CH
u r really frustrating me
i have no idea why r u being so bad 2 me
did u think u r good enough???
whatever,,, i don't want 2 talk about her,,,her,,,and her,,,
people change
i have no idea why they r being so mean,,,
i have plenty other peoples that care about me

get closer~~~
i have a secret 2 tell u
this is 4
the person i've been missing so much
and love so much
and i am so much happy
he was still around,near me,notice me,knowing me,,,
did he...?
is he...?
secret~~~ XD
as i went through my daily life
walking alone at the place that i recently go 'once upon a time' ago
keep reminding me 2 the past memories that i have left
i have no idea why it keep flashing in my mind
i think i already dump it
but i keep remembering it if i went 2 the place that i've went before spending the best moment with someone that i think i've loved so much
i have no idea what get into me,,,
the flashback just gonna hurts me
i think i'm just gonna ignore it if i'm just keep remembering u
yuppp U
i have my new life now
i'm just gonna leave U
and treat U
just the way first time i know U
let's forget what happen 2 the past and move on to the future
cuz i am slowly forgetting U
and leave U with ur own life,,,
and i am also leaving every each things that's reminds me 2 U
bye =')

Friday, February 24, 2012

+Ms.Anne Quotes+

#1- The past is not a 'mistakes',,,
but it is the introduction chapter of 'learning'

My Hearts says:

"Yes, I still love him"

But My mind says:

"No, he will only be ur History and remains as a History cuz there's nothing can be changed"

#3- Phrase=>Words are more dangerous than a knife,,,

no wonder 'F' words r so dangerous,,,,=.='

#4-people keep sayin'=>

Money talks~~~
but i've smash!!tear!!stretch!!dip it in the water
it did't talks or even cry for help,,

what r u trying 2 say dude???
the fact is=> Money don't talks =.='

#5- Love can be wonderful at the starting point of the story,,,
but the ending sometimes could not be 'happily ever after'...

#6-  When u saw someone u love we're loving someone else,,,just smile
cuz Gd we're trying 2 tell u that it's not the time 4 u 2 fall in love

Thursday, February 23, 2012

crazy biz hot chics,,,hehehhe

i'm wearing spectacles now~~~
i went 2 optical store 2 days ago at Sg Wang with my friends accompany me
how do i look???
nerd isn't?
it's good for me
no more blurr vision and i can study well now
for now on,,,my fashion concept
Brain n Beauty,,,,heeeeeeeeeee

that's not the  topics i'm looking forward for tonight
got something else some words some moments something i want 2 share,,,heeeeeeeee
check this out

(kinda lazy 2 editing da picx-cha)

i'm havin' so much fun spending time hang out wuth my beloved clzmates
they r crazy
and,,, outrageous
for the first time my friend, mimi
ride on the bus
cuz we're already late 2 go 2 clz
so we have 2 take bus
but it also not the best solution we had
it just,,,
we we're lazy 2 walk 2 go ride the monorail
so we take the bust
and we late 1/2 hour 2 clz
it doesn't matter
what matter is,,,
we had so much fun
and lot's of fun memories,,,hehehehhe
luv ya' my biz friends
but,,,my geng2 kurang waras we're always no.1

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blurr vision

Oh my~~~~ ='(

Dear eyes,,,,sorry i did't take a good care of u
i have 2 bring u 2 the optical store and buy a new 'friend' and 'medicine' 4
sorry i have worn a contact lens few months before
i did't mean 2 hurt u,,,
it just that
i want u 2 look pretty & wonderful,,,
i promise i'll fine the 'perfect' one for u,,,
i'll take a good care of u,,,
i won't disappoint u again...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trouble Maker Me,,,


good morning~~~
well,,,i'll be going 2 work
it's still early,,
i have 2 go 2 work at 12
let's grab some snack first!
i am trying 2 reducing my weight
cuz now i'm look like an elephant
i have no idea what ive been eating all along
damn i am so fat!
what 2 do??
i have no time 2 exercise cuz i'm too busy with my daily activities
and i'm even have no time 2 go back 2 my hometwn
and that is my big problemo~~~
pity 2 my siblings
how they have been 2
it's ok
just left 2 more weeks
then i'm free
dear Allah,
Please guide me,,,,aminn

yesterday i had a happy-happy day
cuz i saw someone that someone that the smiles makes me also smile
he looked at me and makes me melts
i like him but i don't know whether he likes me 2,,,
big question marks,,,

just wait
maybe it's too early
cuz i am easy falling in love
from now on,,,i have 2 be more careful with guys
welu know don't cha about my past~~~
hurt isn't??
i am trying 2 erase my past time deary~~~
but,,,it is easy 2 forgive but not forget
just let me move on,,
see ya,,, ^.^

Friday, February 17, 2012

What u wanna do when u saw someone that u like at somewhere near u??

u r afraid 2 approach him/her,,
what kind of conversation u want 2 start??
wanna know a secret words??
wanna start a conversation with her/him??


try 2 say this=> Where is the hospital??i think i'm insane falling in love with someone like u,,,

p/s: It is whether ur gonna have big palm 'love' marks on ur cheeks or something else i don't know,,,but a good try can be a good start,,,

Good Luck ^.^

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Medicine when u r sad,,,

can be beautiful
can be wonderful
can be meaningful,,,
love can be categorized 2 many things
many reasons
many causes
how can u describe it?
how can u declare it?
how can u pronounce it??
depend on yourself,,,
love can be...
love towards the Nature
love towards the family
love towards the Creator
love towards,,,

'A Person'

when we fall in love 2 someone,,,
how can we explain it?
how can we describe it?
and why,,,why we love him/her?

at once we admit personally 2 the person that we love
do they gonna give a 'feedback' towards our love???
afraid isn't?
it's gonna be our 'nightmare' once seeing the one that we love we're loving other person
it gonna be  a big ashamed
if once we admit 2 that person that we were in love with them

but it also hurts when
the person that we loved we're only playing with our feelings
they just seen u as their playful toys
not as their lovers

it also more hurts when,,,
u already loved them so much
then lastly they dumped u like 'garbage'

hurts isn't??

what should u do??

that is the best medicine when u r feeling hurts and death weapon 2 someone that already hurts u
smile could tell them that
u still can live happily without them
let it be a fake smile
don't let ur tears falling down
let it be the best cure
to let u move on n be happy on ur life,,,^.^

Not feeling well,,,

Dear bloggers,

i already healed from my fever,,,
cuz i'm too busy with my study,work and plenty of responsibilities
22 February is gonna be my club's big day
and i'm suppose 2 be there incharge of my clubs cuz i am the VP of the club
senior's convocation was on april
i also be busy for that
basking for english club
Business & management faculty event
this year gonna be my busy senior year
and at the same time
i'll be lacking updating my bloggies
hope u all not gonna be missing me

feelin like wanna grab some ice cream and cold drinks
just let me be sick again so i will not be doing so much works
my friends, ain,sha2,mimi and i
we went 2 Kinokunya Bookstore at KLCC 2 spend out our student voucher
but i just spend like about RM50 cuz i have no idea what 2 buy
i just spend on 1 cookbook,2 comics and colouring pen
as my friends
they have spend a lot
as for me...i have no idea what i need 2 buy
i'm speechless as i arrive at the bookstore
like,,,i have no idea what 2 buy,,,huhuhuhuhue

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


i woke up this morning and realize that
i'm having a fever,,,
but i can't skip my class
cuz i have a responsibilities as a leader a VP of my club and an event organizer
so,,,i can't
i have 2 go but i can't go 2 work in the evening cuz i am not feeling very well

even my voice sounds so funny,,,,huhuhuhue

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss A Food Paradise

what i've been eaten that i could't reduce my weight,,,huhuhuhue

BBQ Beef Noodles at Johnny's,,,nyum ^.^

Nasi Lemak~~~

spend more than RM10 for Indian Sweet's

mini bee cupcakes filled with chocolate paste,,,,nyummy

Indonesian tradisional food

i thought maybe consuming more veggies than the rice could help me be thin,,,hehehehe

Homemade Chicken sausage eggs rolls,,,=.='

Yong Tau Fu at Pavillion XP

wanna try some delicious pastries???u can fine it at Daily Fresh KLFC ^.^

Cute Chocolate with Mint and caramel filling~~~hehehe

Cake with full cream during my BFF b'day bash

ABC at periuk belanga restaurant,,,worth it,,,rich with chocolate taste,,,hehehhe

California Rolls~~~ it is good eaten with Wasabi,,,nyum2 my fav!

Monday, February 13, 2012


holla peeps
good morning
hope that this morning gonna be a wonderful day
i gotta be ready for work after this,,,
kinda tired
cuz yesterday i got back from work like at 10pm
my bones felt like wanna crack
i got sore throat this morning
tired working
i have 2
next week i'll be busy organizing preparing for project
got plenty of club activities
this is why i hate doing multipurpose task
i am tired and exhausted
but i'm excited doing it
i wanna be successful student in my college
not trying 2 be popular get involved with high position people in the college
like Pn.Sharifah Ms.Shazra and anyone else
i forgot the dean for media studies
sorry sir
it just me
i like being ective,energetic,hyperactive in my college
just to fill up my free time and get 2 know many people
i am already in my senior year at college
it's an opportunity for me to get 2 know many people as many as possible that could help me to get a job after i grad from my college
i wanna make sure that i could achieve what i've aim all along 2 be a successful person
bye,,thanx 4 reading the bored post from me,,,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Dad my Idol,,,^.^

i just got calls from my dad this morning
cuz i forgot 2 call him along this days
cuz busy with my works and study
sorry dad
it is not bcuz i neglected u,,,
i though he gonna be mad at me cuz i'm working while i'm studying
i'm just fulfill my free times with something that could give benefit for me
i already promise him that i'll be working until the end of february,,,
he don't want me 2 be away from home and never coming home during holidays
pity 2 my lil brother that miss me so much,,,

as i promise 2 him,,,
i'll be quit my jobs
and focus 2 my studies
sorry dad,,,
it just maybe i could gain more money by not just depending on you
u have done a lot of things 2 me and my siblings
but my dad's call in the early morning already cheers me and tell me that
how much my dad's love me so much
and don't want anything happen 2 me
i've learn my lesson
i should be more focusing on my studies
cuz plenty things in the upcoming days gonna haunt me
i got plenty of responsibilities's time 2 type my resignation letter
i just started my work last week,,,however,,,
it is 'fun' 2 work there


You & I

Whispering secrets while looking at a watch
My heart’s desperate story
It’s okay to harm my form
The more you demand I like it
Say my name

I’m scared that my heart would be revealed through the gaps between my fingers
It’s too much for my heart I’m sad
Wait a little longer and wait for me
You and I, it can’t be yet
I want to pester the watch more but
In the future in which you are present
Say my name

The times that I peeked at first
You and I were together
You played with me, I liked you
When I ask, you liked me as well
What is my name

I’m scared that my heart would be revealed through the gaps between my fingers
It’s too much for my heart I’m sad
Wait a little longer and wait for me
You and I, it can’t be yet
I want to pester the watch more but
In the future in which you are present
Say my name

I’ll be an adult in a blink of an eye
You’ll probably recognize me, you’ll probably remember me
Right, that peculiar child
I liked your figure as it shone through the gaps of my fingers

As I twist it with my fingertips, I say “hey, watch hands, run”
Fly a little faster
I close my eyes and cast a spell
You and I, we still have a little left
I don’t know what day or what time
Just in case, in the future in which you are present
If I’m lost
To help me recognize you,
Say my name

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I’m afraid my heart will be revealed in between my hands

kinda awkward 2 say the truth
i'll just gonna tell ya that,,,

i am disappointed with someone that somehow someone that special for me
he already 'breaks' me in pieces
crush and damage my 'secret love garden'
 i was hoping that one day i'll be end up with him
he is not belongs to me =anymore=
it seems like
he is not my 'Mr.Right'
my 'Mr.Right' we're still out there
i just have 2 wait,,,
if he we're meant for me
i will take a good care of him
and won't waste it
i regrets that i have neglected what i have before and keep hoping something that would't be come true,,,


ann in da house LOL!!
goood evening my dear readers...
i'm exhausted right now
just got back from work
my head filled with so much things 2 be done
i have a meeting on monday
but i can't attend cuz i have 2 go 2 work
in the other side
i'll be so busy on march with so much more college activities,my society club
it's depress me
hope it won't disturb my studies
my studies should be in the 1st rank from the others commitment
march is gonna be my marchy messy much busy month dude,,,
what should i do??
kinda blurr for few hours


second day of my 'tired' day today
it just 13days more to go
cuz after this i'll be busy organizing the new projects
just gonna work at that 'hell' for few more days
then i'll be busy for choir
my schedule totally packs dude
so much activities need to be done
i am the new VP for english club at my college
now i have 2 plan and organize new event and activities for my committe
i feel like dying been burden with so much responsibilities
i'm gonna do what is the best and be the best
i will not disappoint everyone that have puts on their faith on me
big projects is upcoming on may2012
i have no idea whether i am ready,,,,or not
choir for graduation on april2012 same day with the graduation annual dinner
Oh My,,,Oh My,,,
can u imagine how hard could it be??
i'm feelin' that my brain gonna burst in a second,,,huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhue
i am tired but at the same time
i am excited with so much things i have 2 do,,,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am the Vice President,,,

ding don ding ding
i am so tired today,,,
plenty things need 2 be settle up in the early morning
i even skip my breakfast
just a glass of ice lemon tea already enough for me in da morning
what makes me felt tired...
i felt like i've been burden with a lot of responsibilities
1st,,,i am the clz leader for subject CRM and Human Resource
now i've been given the new responsibilities as the English Club Vice President
kinda proud of my self
i felt exhausted at the same time
plenty things need to be done
plenty paperworks and works and responsibilities
and i'm tired,,,,
seems like  easy 2 everybody
but i'm hiding my tiredness behind my smile n joy
i'm not
'Gila Kuasa' just like what my friend have said 2 me
just that
i have no idea why people like 2 select me 2 be in high position
i am 40% confidence about it,,,
i have nothing else 2 said
what i've supposed 2 do,,,
well...just be strong n do what is the best
wish me luck,,,^.^

super duper exhausted

i am so exhausted,,,,
i have no idea,,,maybe cuz today my clz is until 9.30pm
oh my,,,,
i had a discussion session with my lecture mdm Haslina and my friend Ain
we we're planning to do some project for my faculty Business & Management
however it still in planning session
not completely confirm we're gonna do it or not
cuz of budget problems
so,,,we have 2 plan it precisely before starting the project
so what we're gonna do??
it's gonna be a secret first,,haiyaaaaaaa
i told u so that we need 2 plan it precisely and get everybody that supposed to involved need 2 involved in this project
mdm told us that
from the event
the lecture will select 16 most potential students that succeed organizing the project will get the opportunity 2 go 2 visit Denmark
i'm really excited for that
hope that i'll be one of those
Mdm already given the responsibilities 2 me and Ain 2 handle some of things for the event
kinda a bit worried
however,,,i'm just gonna do it
and take the responsibilities of it
cuz i am truly excited 2 do it
cuz plenty of people gonna get involved
and i'm waiting for it,,,huhuhuhuuhue

enough of that
other than that
i got something 2 tell ya'
it's hard for me 2 spit it out
i think i have 2 say that,,,,,

i think that is enough to express what i want 2 say
theres another
i think that is enough 2 express everything
nite2 peeps
i'm tired T.T