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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

+Special notes+

have u ever heard a phrase says:

'life is short'
'what pass is pass'

let us combine both of it
my post 4 tonight
when u know the life is short, what is happen in ur matter it is horrible or beautiful
let it pass ur days so u can draw new memories in ur day...

why did i say that???
not every life journey is beautiful
not every life journey is wonderful
sometime we will went through something painful beside of our wonderful life
in a moment
think back of the Lord of Gods
thankful for His Power for giving us the test to keep strong in our life although it is really painful and we could't take it anymore
have u heard phrase says:

'what comes around goes around'

although u r in pains now
Gods is planning something to 'heal' you
let u hurt now
don't let urself hurt while u r in happiness

thankful when u get something that makes u happy
don't be so proud and forgot God have given u something that makes u happy....
pray that ur happiness will keep continue and u will not feel sad in the end...