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Saturday, November 19, 2011

No idea...

i have no idea why the sad emotion suddenly flowing through my minds just after i open my fb right after i woke up from bed

maybe it because the status, quotes wall post i've read from some fb fanpage
some of it impress me with their words
and some of it touch me with their words
its got a lot of artistic words that's really2 impress me
currently now i'm listenin' to my fav song: Greyson Chance- Unfriend you
wanna know why?
cause it related 2 me
i can listen to it for 1000 times
cause i love the every phrase/words in the song lyrics
my favorite lyrics is when Greyson Chance sing the part says->'I'm deleting you from my heart'
i like that part of the song
i'm deleting every person that hurts me from my heart

being silence is more appropriate for me
rather than i've hurt my self and someone else
hope that one day i could met someone that could understand me
i'm happy that i still have my friends and family that supports me and cheers me 2 go through my 'spiky path' of life
i pray to God to give me strength on every problems that i've been through
i don't want 2 cry or regrets
i don't want sympathy or help
i don't want to say it loud or tell others
let me go through with my problems by my self
let me go through with my pains by my self
let me go through my sadness by my self
let the others see my smiles
and they also will smiles
let the others hear my laugh
and they also will laugh
let the others see my happiness
so they won't knew that i'm hurts

got it???
don't bother me when i'm in silence and say nothing with u
cuz u also say nothing 2 me when u know that....
mistakes are comes after u