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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Love fairy tale...

The Goldilocks feel so happy when the Nutcrackers accept her love,

She felt so happy when Nutcrackers is pleasure to send her home
they hold their hand together a long the way and the Nutcrackers hugs Goldilocks because during that night the winds blows so hard till Goldilocks felt so cold
till they arrived at the in front of the Goldilocks house
the Nutcrackers kisses Goldilocks forehead 2 proof how much he loves her and thankful Goldilocks accept his love
when he already send Goldilocks home
he go back to his place
Willy Wonka meets him and tells the Nutcrackers how much he loves Goldilocks and could do anything 4 Goldilocks
and Willy Wonka begged 2 the Nutcrackers 2 help him
Willy Wonka knows the Princess and the Nutcracker are in love
he can't just keep his feeling towards Goldilocks and ask the Nutcrackers to forget about Goldilocks and gave his loves for other woman that tries hard to get the Nutcrackers loves rather than Goldilocks
the Nutcrackers felt sorry to Willy Wonka
he already helps him every time he had a hard times
and he have 2 surrenders his love and give up towards Goldilocks
he can't tell Goldilocks that he have 2 leave her for other girl, Greetel
Goldilocks best friend
Goldilocks felt worried why the Nutcrackers never comes 2 meets her and sends her a love letters likes always
only Willy Wonka comes to see her and says the Nutcrackers were busy taking care of his mother that sicks.
one day...
Goldilocks saw her bestfriend, Greetel walks together like a happy couple with the Nutcrackers
Goldilocks felt so sad and angry
The Nutcrackers saw Goldilocks saw him with Greetel
he needs to be strong to see Goldilocks disappointness faces because he have to sacrifice his love for Willy Wonka thats he owe so much of his kindness
Goldilocks crying...and crying because the Nutcracker leaves her for other woman
she tried to move on and be strong
and for the Nutcracker
he already accepts other woman and he tried to accept her although its hard because Goldilocks still don't know the truth
he also felt guilty that has to make Goldilocks disappointed
Goldilocks and the Nutcracker never meets again
for Willy Wonka
he also felt guilty to what he have done
but its too late to recover everything
because the Nutcrackers already married with Greetel
Goldilocks tries to heals her heart
for her...
she also sacrifice her loves just to see Greetel happy,,,
no reason for Goldilocks to regrets because she already have a wonderful moments with the Nutcracker...